The Village
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Entering the Village Crescent one of the shops that is no longer there is The Christmas Tree.
Another photo of The Christmas Tree on the left with The Silver Tree in front of it. It is now Lamp Light Gallery as show in the picture on the right.
On the left is Crystalix circa 2005. It has since been replaced by Eclectic Image gallery as seen on the right
Leaving the Village Crescent heading back to the Village Pin Oak Plaza and turning to the left is the Jelly Jar circa 2005.
As of 2011 the Jelly Jar was  Simply Animals as seen above. After Simply Animals left it became one of two shops that Alewine Pottery had in the Village. I believe the shop, as of 2018,  is now a place called The Best Gift Idea Ever.
The second fancy window in the village is pictured here. I don't know what the shop was called in either photo. The photo on the left is circa 2005. The photo on the right was from the late 80's/early 90's.
As of 2011 the shop is Verbena's as shown in the photos above.
The picture on the left shows the side road entrance of the Village circa 1999, the photo on the right shows the same sign in 2011
Some footage of the Village circa 2005
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