Midtown Lodge Photos Page 6

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Backside Rooms
The backside building at Midtown Lodge. The front rooms faced the pool while the back rooms faced River Road. The photo on the right shows the stairs leading to the upstairs rooms in the back building.
A couple of close-up photos of rooms 502 and 503 as well as the balconies on the backside building facing the parking lot and pool.
Some photos showing the back of the building facing river road. The building on the right was the new high rise addition in the late 80's and not part of the original Travelodge back building.
Back Building Corridor
The corridor ramp that was in the back building to go up and down to the different levels.
Video of the Back Building Corridor
River Road Parking Lot
The above photos shows Midtown Lodge's River Road Parking Lot, and video of it can be seen below:
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