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When Midtown Lodge built Traders Mall downstairs in the early 1970's they moved the pool and added on the townhouses in addition to the original building and built a bridge to walk over Traders Mall to get to them.
Room 728 shown in the photo above was the second townhouse from the bridge. On the right is an unidentified room, probably 727 and shows a glimpse inside.
The photo on the left shows the townhouse bridge and Traders Mall below. The photo on the right shows lounge area next to the townhouses by the pool.
Video of the Midtown Lodge Townhouse area
Townhouses Inside
The townhouses originally had red carpet, black ralings and black furniture.
This photo dates back to the mid 1980's, notice the old phone hanging on the wall and the old roll away bed.
These photos show the townhouses the way they looked after they were remodeled in the 1990's.
The photo on the left shows the townhouse stairs with the window looking out towards the Sky Lift. The photo on the right is looking out this window or a similar one in a different unit.
The townhouse fireplace.
Upstairs in a townhouse
View from a townhouse balcony
Video footage inside a townhouse and from a townhouse balcony
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