Magic World
Map of Magic World Circa 1991. Thanks to Mike from for providing this map on his site and allwoing us to post it here.
An excellent pamphlet of Magic World can be viewed here
The Flying Saucer ride on top of the rock wall taken somewhere around the entrances to the park, courtesy of Barry from Knoxville.
On the left is another shot of the Flying Saucer, this one coming from inside the park. On the right is a picture of a magic show featuring park mascot Merlin.
The shot on the left appears to be in front of the park and the shot on the right is somwhere inside the park
More pictures inside Magic World courtesy of Jenny from Tazwell
Souvenir Photo purchased at Magic World in the early 80's
The Red Baron Plane Ride
The Magic World site is now Lost Treasure Golf. Notice how you enter through the ship just like you did at Magic World.