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On the left is Motion Master before Ripley's owned it in the late 80's/early 90's. Notice Basking Robbins next to it where Ripley's Haunted Adventure now resides. On the right is a picture of the spot as of 2011
The Maple's Tree pictured on the left moved into the Wishing Well as shown below, and this spot became American Traditions as the photo on the right shows.
A picture of the Pancake Pantry from the late 80's/early 90's. The picture is a little blurry, but behind the Pantry is a sign telling kids to stop. Behind that is a sign that almost looks like it says Winding Mall, but what it is I'm not sure. On the right is a picture of the spot as of 2011
Although it is hard to tell, I believe the picture on the right was taken when it was still the Wishing Well. The picture on the right is when The Maple's Tree had moved to this location.
The postcard on the left shows Howards Restaurant in its original location. Later on, the outside porch would be enclosed with screnes and a heater to keep dinning warm. The photo on the right shows the current location of Howard's Restaurant. To the left of Howards is Elk's Plaza and the Village Vendor shop which has now been replaced with a Gem Mining shop.
The photo on the left shows Angelic Whispers jewlry store when it was in Elk's Plaza before it moved to Calhoun's Village. The video on the right shows some footage of Elk's Plaza including some footage inside the Village Vendor.
The photo on the left shows the Rock Shop in it's original location. The photo on the right is a cropped and zoomed version of the same picture. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about The Rock Shop: Colorful shop filled with beautiful mineral and crystal specimens. Genuine stone jewlry: Precious and Semi-precious. Mounted in sterling silver to 14 karat gold. Stone carvings - Gifts. 411 and 958 Parkway. Open all year. and the Rock Shop has moved across the street and has been replaced by a Jewlery Shop.
The photo on the left is a much closer shot of The Rock Shop building but shows less than half of the building. It appears that at this point it is no longer The Rock Shop but the building is unchanged. The photo on the right comes from the video below and shows the Rock Shop building after the Rock Shop moved, but the building still looked the same.
The photo on the left shows shows the Rock Shop in its location across the street after it moved there. It has since gone out of business. Remember the staircase out side that had a sign inviting you to look up at the rare white bats? The video on the right show some brief footage of that.
The photo on the left show Linebergers Seafood Company the way it looked for many years. You can also see Parkway Gifts an old Gatlinburg shop that is now gone and on the other side of Linebergers you can just barely see the sign for McKay's Motor Lodge which was torn down to build the new Lineberger's Mall as seen on the right.
Linberger's Seafood Company after it openned in it's new location close to the original location in the newly built Lineberger's Dogwood Plaza. The picture below shows that Lineberger's Seafood Compnany went out of business and was replaced by Dick's Last Resort .
Dick's Last Resort where Lineberger's Seafood Company used to reside.
An Italian restaurant called Legends By Max replaced Howards in it's original location when it relocated further down the Parkway in the mid 1990's. Legends featured tables with excellent views of the Parkway. Legends closed in late 2011.
Inside Legends By Max
On the left is some video footage of the Parkway around Legends. On the right is some video footage inside of Legends.
Legends by Max went out of business sometime around 2012. When Legends left it was replaced by Davy Crockett's Whiskey Moonshine.
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