This was the way the Marketplace Mall looked before it was remodeled. Although it's hard to tell these pictures were taken years apart. The one on the left being quite a bit older than the one on the right. It looks like the camera strap fell in front of the lens in the middle picture. When you click on the pictures too see them larger you can see just a little more detail in the picture on the right. The store on the front left was originally a Taco Bell. Today it is Lids, I'm not sure if anyhing else occupied the spot in between.
The walkway through Marketplace shows the shops: The Bare Foot, a restaurant advertising "Pizza by the Slice and Hot Dogs" Humdingers can be seen in the back behind No Place Like Home, Humdingers can also be seen on the right and below.
Another photo of Humdingers on the left. Humdingers was replaced with the Hellbender Grill, which has now closed. On the right is a video showing footage from various years from 2003-2006 and varying quality
The Marketplace Today
The Fountain Plaza Mall named for the big fountain that used to be in the middle of the plaza as seen in the picture on the top right. The fountain has been defunct for many years as shown in the photo on the bottom left. The video on the bottom right is circa 2004
I don't remember Mill Creek Village, but all indications seem to point to this being the current location of Calhouns.
I'm not sure the date of the photo on the right of Calhoun's but it appears that the Cherokee Grill has not been built yet. Cherokee Grill is shown on the right
Fanny Farkles before it was pink To the left of Fanny Farkle's You can see the very end of the original Howard's Restaurant. Legends Italian Restaurant is now there.
These Pictures Shows the old Bingo machines that Fanny Farkles once had. Now they only have Poker machines.
Among the old Gatlinburg motor lodge's on the parkway that have disapeared in the last decade is Trent Motor Lodge. It was torn down to build Blindshot Barnaby's Circus Golf and Amazing Mirror Maze. The video footage below shows a couple brief clips on Trent's Motor Lodge circa 2005. Also shown in the video is footage of the Drug Shop, Lineberger's Seafood, and Parkway Gifts.
Old Gatlinburg Parkway Page 5
Gatlinburg Parkway Photos Page 4

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