The photo on the left shows the Cliff Dweller's probably in the early 90's. It also shows God's Country Christian Gifts. There is also a photo development store advertising "Color prints in 2 hours." There is now a God's Country in the Village I would assume this is the same place and they moved there. Either way this building is now an Edy's Ice Cream shop. The picture on the right show The Cliff Dweller's as it is today, relocated in the Arts & Crafts Community. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about The Cliff Dwellers: Authentic reporductions of Coverlets; Handwoven woolens by Churchill Weavers; Handwoven linens by Local Craftsmen. Stuart Nye Hand Wrought Jewelry; Carvings, both local and imported. Wide variety of Handcrafts and Artistic Gifts. 738 Parkway. Maxine Donahoo and Louise Hendricks.  A small shopping strip has taken the place of The Cliff Dweller's in the original parkway location (see picture Below)
Old overview shot of Gatlinburg on the left. Thanks to Vicky Hankins for providing this picture. On the right an overview photo from a postcard postmarked 1982. This is an interesting photo that shows some good detail. What stands out to me the most is the fact that the Rebel's Corner building seems to end with Rebel Corner, it seems to be on the corner, no Seven Gables Haunted House or something else in that spot. What also sticks out to me is the old motor lodges on the right side of the street near the National Park. I don't see any sign of Elk's Plaza or Calhouns Village (Mill Creek Village as it was before Calhoun's Village).
     The Lemon Tree moved from here to the old Drug Shop by Mountain Mall, it has since gone out of business and is now a shop called "Earthbound." I'm not completely sure, but I believe the picture on the right may be the current spot
The Highlanders Shop circa 1958. One of the oldest buildings in town. Currently is a Baskins Robins. Thanks to Bob Howard for supplying this picture.On the right is Long John Silver's on the Parkway in the late 80's. To the left of Long John Silvers is A Baskin Robbins in the building that used to be the Highlanders. Later another Old Time Photo Studio went in upstairs while Long John Silver's remained downstairs. Below is a newer  picture of the Long John Silvers location, next to what was once The Highlanders shop. The picture on the right shows the spot as of 2011. Chocolate Monkey has moved into the old Highlanders shop and Cupid's Outlet has moved into the Long John Silvers spot
Ogle's Buffet, this picture dates back to the 1960's. In the mid 90's it became the Hard Rock Cafe (see picture on right). The Hard Rock Cafe moved to Pigeon Forge around 2014/2015. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about Ogle's Buffet Restaurant: The newest idea in dining in Gatlinburg's newest restaurant. Buffet service in a delightful, relaxed atmosphere. Our meals are unsurpassed for quality and quantity. Go back for seconds of our delicious foods. Free parking in our spacious parking lot. Five hot meats, Five hot vegetables. Twenty-five salad varieties (fresh and crisp on crushed ice). Dining Patio over the Stream. Credit cards honored.
Overview of Gatlinburg Circa 1970, shows Ogle's Buffet. Also see  Howard Johnson's in the background. Notice that the Space Needle hasn't been built yet. Thanks to Bob Howard for supplying this picture.
An Old Time Photo Studio where Earthquake is now located.
There use to be a Ruby Tuesday's in Gatlinburg just before you get to East Parkway across the street from The Best Western Hotel Crossroads which has access to both roads Parkway and East Parkway where the picture on the left was taken from. A Cuban Restaurant called "Havana Dreams"  moved into this building (see photo below) It opened sometime around late 2007, I believe, but is now also out of buisiness. Also seen in the photo on the right is The Sweet Fanny Adams theatre and The Little Italian American Restaurant which is also now gone.
Old Gatlinburg Parkway Page 3
On the left is a picture of the dinning area of The Hard Rock Cafe that overlooked the creek, taken from Riverbend Mall next to it. On the right is a picture of the door to the Hard Rock Cafe with some posters on it.
Gatlinburg Parkway Photos Page 2

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