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The old welcome to Gatlinburg sign.
Probably from the late 40's early 50's. Notice the New Gatlinburg Inn, now just The Gatlinburg Inn. The Cliff Dwellers can be seen on the right as well as the church on the hill which still remains. Look at all the open ground and grass. No malls and no strips of shops. Thanks to Vicky Hankins for provinding this picture.
Two picutres looking north on the Parkway from the Carousel Mall area circa 1971. On the Picture on the left shows Twin Islands Motel. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide (which can be viewed on the Vintage Pamphlet Section) says this about Twin Islands: AAA - 75 units in town on U.S. 441. Large, inviting very well equipped units; some with balconies overlooking the river; each with private dressing room, some regrigerators, TV; music; 100% air conditioned; phones, combination baths, 3 two-room units; 2 three-room units; 4 kitchenettes. Restaurant adjacent. Heated pool. No pets. Lower rates Labor Day to May 25. Credit cards honored. Behind Twin Islands you can is the Pioneer Trading Post which lasted until the late 80's. Behind the Pioneer Trading Post is the sign for Langdon's Park Motel. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about Langdon's Park Motel: AAA. On Parkway (U.S. 441) 25 deluxe units overlooking the Little Pigeon River. Private tile baths (tub & shower), dressing area, 100% air-conditioned, W/W carpet, TV in every room - some units with electric kitchens and porches over the river. Private heated swimming pool. Restaurants nearby. Write Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Langdon. Behind Langdon's Park Motel is The Cloth House. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about The Cloth House: See the power loom at work. Just as you can sit for hours watching a painter create a finished portrait or a sculpture mold a perfect bust, you'll be intrigued by the power loom, an artist weaving many colored threads into an intricate and beautiful design. You will find thousands of yards of cloth on display at the Cloth House, from nearby Cherokee Textile Mills, one of the most modern mills in the world. While the methods may differ, Cheroke Textile Mills and Smoky Mountain Craftsment are alike in one basic respect. Consistently high-quality is a tradition of both. The picture on the right shows The Country Shop on the left side. Behind The Country Shop is Twin Islands Motel. On the right side of the road is Hay's House Restaurant. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about Hay's House Restaurant: AAA - Diners Club, American Express, serving well prepared food, pleasant atmosphere, reasonaby priced. Organ music nightly. Open April 1st to Nov. 1st. Stella & Gerald Hays, operators. Behind Hay's House Restaurant is Best Western Motels Crossroads Motor Lodge. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about Crossroads Motor Lodge: 51 Units. Member, "The Best Western Motels" and AAA. In town on U.S. 441. Two and three-story motel. Large, very nicely equipped rooms, TV, music, Air Conditioned, phones, combination baths. Credit Cards honored. Launderette for guests. Elevator. Heated pool. No pets. Lower rates after Labor Day to May 25.
This is a blowup section of the photo above showing a closeup of the Pioneer Trading Post.
This picture taken from almost the identical spot as the photographe above on the right. This photoagraph was taken just slightly farther north than the one above. This photograph was taken probably in the late 90's. The only things that look the same are the round roof on the right side of the road, Crossroads Motor Lodge (which still has the same sign), and the round structure at the back of the picture in the trees. Had the picture above been a wider picture and not square you would have been able to see the Carousel Mall with the Polly Burgen Dress Shop in it.
Early shot of the Twin Islands Motel. Picture on the right show the motel today.
A very old picture of the Gatlinburg Inn on the left,. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about The Gatlinburg Motor Inn: 70 rooms. European plan. Singles $12.00 to $15.00, Doubles $15.00 to $45.00 per day. Twins $16.00 to $24.00 per day. AAA - All rooms with Balconies, Television & coffee. Elevator and free parking. All rooms air-conditioned. Suites available. Air-Conditioned dinning room and lobby. Complete sprinkler system. Private teperature controlled swimming pool. Tennis, badminton and shuffleboard. On the right is The Gatlinburg Inn today.
Two photos taken from two postcards which can be seen on the vintage postcard section. The one on the left was postmarked 1962 and shows The Gatlinburg Inn and The Whaley Motel. You can also see Christus Garndens and what looks like some kind of lodging towards the back of the Midtown Lodge area. Across the street form the Gatlinburg Inn is a place called The Basket Shop. The photo on the right shows the Whaley Motel with The Gatlinburg Inn in the background. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about The Whaley Motel: On Parkway. TV in every room, air-conditioned, private heated swimming pool, room phones, near center of town, wall-to-wall carpets, private tile baths (tub & shower), radiant heat. $12.00-$18.00 for two. Quality Courts, Inc., AAA recommended. Dick Whaley Owner, R. J. Whaley, Mgr. Today this is the location of China Bazar and the Fountain Mall.
For Many years there was a Drug Shop near the Mountain Mall. I believe the Lemon Tree moved into it a few years ago, but has since been replaced by the store "Earthbound"Unfortunately nothing else can be clearly identified in this photo. Earthbound can be seen on the photo below:
For Many years there was a Drug Shop near the Mountain Mall. I believe the Lemon Tree moved into it a few years ago, but has since been replaced by the store "Earthbound"Unfortunately nothing else can be clearly identified in this photo. Earthbound can be seen on the photo below
Picture of the Parkway from probably from the 1970's. I think this picture was taken from the Midtown Lodge Tower. You can see on the left the building that was Parkway Pancake House and before that Duff's, at this point I think it was The Parkway Restaurant &  Cafeteria. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory Guide says this about The Parkway Restaurant & Cafeteria: Serving breakfast by menu 6-11, Cafeteria 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Parkway's Rebel Room serving steaks, chops, country ham, shrimp, Dometstic & Imported beer. 12 to 10 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sanders. Next to it I believe is the building that Fosters Country Store was in. On the right you can see the Drug Store and next to that is McKay's Motor Lodge, which was replaced around 2006 with Lineberger's Mall. Closer to the camera is a sign that looks like a Gulf Gas Station sign.
The Parkway Pancake House operated in the old Parkway Restaurant & Cafeteria from aproximately 1992 through 2007. In 2008 Bubba Gump opened in this spot.
The photo on the left shows the inside of the Parkway Pancake House and the video on the right shows some footage from the Parkway Pancake House circa 2005 both inside and outside.
The Wax Museum was one of two wax musuems in Gatlinburg. It has been gone since the early 1990's, replaced with an indoor golf and games attraction and Cooters Dukes of Hazzrd Museum. A source told me that this was once The Cherokee Theatre, and next to it was McKenzies Dress Shop. The 1968 Gatlinburg Directory says this about the American Historical Was Museum: On the parkway, Gatlinburg's Newest and Most Fascinating Attraction features great moments and famouse personalities in American History. An inspirational and educational series of Life-Sized, Life-Like figures, richly costumed and magnificently displayed in authentic scenes which tell the story ouf our nation's history, from the landing of Columbus to the Astronauts, with a special section devoted to Tennessee history.
The Acorn building as it looked for many years with The Acorn, The Acorn Annex and Creations By Carole. The building was remodeled in the circa 2005 with a new facade as seen below. All 3 of these stores have now been replaced with other shops. Also below are 3 video clips of the Acorn building.
Acorn Building Footage
On the left is some brief footage inside of the Acorn Annex. On the right is some brief footage of the front of the Acorn when they were remodeling it.
The Acorn building after it was remodeled. The Acorn did not stay long.
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