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The Village Page Two
Turning right from the fountain and walking around The Village Crescent some of the shops are: Lamplight Gallery, Tervis, The Silver Tree, Eclectic Image Gallery, Mountain Village Decor, The Honey Pot and Jordan's Village Creamery in the middle.
The Video above shows footage walking around The Village Crescent.
Heading back past the main Village fountain and turning right past the Donut Friar heading towards the back of the Village you come across God's Corner on the left and U Name It on the right.
Just past U Name It heading up Village Way and veering to the right at Fountain Plaza are the shops Another Me Clothier and Taylor Girls Shop
Across from Another Me Clothier and Taylor Girls Shop is the fountain of Fountain Square as shown on the left. On the right is a photo showing the path towards the back right of the Village. an area also known as Village Way.
The last show at the back right of the Village before you come upon the restrooms and the path up to White Oak Flats Cemetary is The Spiced and Tea Exchange.
Turning around and heading back towards Fountain Square you pass the fountain on the right and come across a shop called Verbena's
Heading around to the right and following the path towards the back entrance you pass Celctic Heritage as seen in the photo on the left. The back entrance is seen in the photo on the right. The sign at the back entrance has been repaced by a new one seen on The Village Page 1
This video shows some footage of the back side of the Village.
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