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Gatlinburg Parkway Page One
Two pictures of the Greystone Lodge by the Aquarium
On the left is another photo of Greystone Lodge, and on the right is some video footage of the Parkway around the Greystone Lodge
Hillbyilly Golf at the north most end of town. To play you ride the incline up into the mountain where the courses reside.
LeConte View Motor Inn is one of the old-time motel's still remaining on the Parkway
Two more photo's of LeConte View Motor Inn, the one on the right shows they have some chairs for motel guest to sit on and watch the happening on the Parkway
Right next to LeConte View Motor Inn where Trent's Motor Lodge was for many years is Blind Shot Barnaby's Circus Golf and Amazing Mirror Maze which these two photos show. The video below shows some footage of the front circus display.
Myrick's Leather and Jewelry shop on the Parkway on the south side of town as well as Ziplines.
American Traditions shop on the south end of the Parkway and All American shop just north of the center of town on the Parkway
In the building that once housed the second Rebel Corner and later Park Place is now DeVinci Collection, Appearance and Gifts Unlimited.
On the left is Gatlinburg's Best on the south side of the Parkway, on the right is Flapjack's Pancake Cabin across the street
These two photos show the Trolley Stop across from Greystone Lodge
The photo on the left shows another Trolley Stop on the Parkway near East Parkway. The photo on the right is a photo of the Trolley taken from the Space Needle
Gatlinburg Parkway Page Two